About Days

Daily basic favors a twist, and we are precisely that.

DAYS by Danar Hadi is taking the roots of batik as Indonesian national treasure. Batik has gained the popularity for its beauty and elegance, therefore we’re not stoping there, we aim to cross the line. As batik will always be a way of life, a statement of whole nation, we value batik as the limitless medium to express the young spirit.

Forget about the matchy-matchy look, here with DAYS, we feel the importance of being outside the square in a sense of style but still easy to pull off. We present ourselves to young people with quirky attitudes who blend into popular culture around them. It’s quirky but easy, it’s versatile but fun – every aspect is an important element in the intense experimentation of daily style.

We believe everything is important every day. We believe you are important every day.